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Proposed Development East of Neighborhood

As of November 18, 2021

The property at the 9000 block of John T White has sold. The buyer is not public yet, but will be when the info is posted at the Tarrant Appraisal District. If it is the Huffines Communities, Sandi from Mayor Pro Tem Bivens' office says they will have to make changes to their construction and possibly request some waivers that may result in them hvaing to alter their plan to build 200 apartments in five (5) 3-story buildings. Nothing has been filed yet. However, NO ZONING CHANGE will need to be requested for apartments since the land is zoned multi-family.

As of September 3, 2021

BVWNA continues to watch this proposed development for opportunities to prevent the building of apartments adjacent to our neighborhood. At the recent resident meeting regarding the other proposed development, this project came up in discussions and the BVWNA memberships continues to oppose the development of apartments in this residentially-zoned area.

As of August 20, 2021

As reported in the letter from the BVWNA President, the developer Huffines is no longer seeking a change to the zoning of the property at 9000 John T White. The developer proposes to use the current multi-family zoning on 9.283 acres and build 200 apartments in 5 buildings that are 3 stories tall. BVWNA membership voted to oppose the development of apartments by promoting a planned development. The FW Zoning Commission did not change the zoning for a planned development. BVWNA continues to watch the process as the developer works with the City.


As of July 27, 2021

See the letter from the BVWNA President for the latest update on this matter. Click Here


As of June 21st, 2021 - Developer withdraws zoning request

The developer has cancelled their request for a continuance and has completely withdrawn the zoning request change ZC-21-056. The developer is exploring other development options such as larger townhomes. We will post most information as it becomes available.


As of June 19th, 2021 - Developer to request continuance

The developer will be requesting a continuance. The earliest date this would be heard now is the 2nd Tuesday in August. Stay Tuned!


Update June 14th, 2021 - City Council hearing postponed to 6/22

City Council decided that all zoning change requests previously scheduled for the June 15, 2021 hearing date have been postponed to the June 22, 2021. At this hearing, the developer will request City Council to reverse the Zoning Commission's 5/12 denial of ZC-21-056 to rezone the property at 9000 John T White to multi-family - planned development. As of this update, the property remains zoned with a multi-family designation that includes apartments.

BVWNA supports the zoning change that would permanently prohibit the building of apartments. Please note that the City Council meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 pm on Tuesday, June 22nd. For more information about the meeting or how to register, please contact the City Secretary’s Office using the contact information on their webpage here:


Update June 8th, 2021 - Invite to Information Session

On Saturday June 12th, the District 5 City Council Member Gyna Bivens is hosting an information session regarding the Zoning Change request ZC-21-056. All Bentley Village-Waterchase Estates residents are invited to attend. Click this link for more information


Update May 13, 2021

The May 12 Zoning Commission Hearing resulted in the decision to deny with prejudice the zoning request ZC-21-056. This means the zoning remains as mostly "C" for multi-family and, for a small parcel of the land, as "F" for commercial. The Zoning Commission members expressed concern over the proposed development for single-family townhomes as it was presented and were not convinced this project would fit with Bentley Village.

BVWNA's goal has been to prevent apartments from being built adjacent to our neighborhood. While the zoning did not change and the possibility of apartments still remain, we are encouraged that the Zoning Commission members' comments expressed that apartments should not be built and that a housing development proposal would have to be better thought out before the zoning could be changed. Unfortunately, if a developer decides to purchase the land to build apartments, the developer would not have to go before the Zoning Commission.

Click HERE to access the recording on Fort Worth Television; the hearing for ZC-21-056 begins at 01:29:45 and ends at 02:25:06.

Click HERE to read's article "Zoning board blocks request for development in historical forest." [, Neetish Basnet, May 12, 2021]

BVWNA will continue to monitor the situation and post updates on this blog post as information comes available. Thank you for your support!


Original Post

The developer has submitted a request for zoning change ZC-21-056 to be presented at the Zoning Commission's Hearing calendar for Wednesday, May 12th, 1:00 pm.

WebEx Call-In Information for the May 12th hearing: Meeting/Access Code: 182 860 9117 Call in by Phone (Toll): 1-650-479-3208 Call in by Phone (Local): 817-392-1111

Click Here to Register and Join WebEx Call from computer or smart device

The document below is the abridged May 12th Revised Docket with information only for the Case ZC-21-056.

Download • 1.34MB

Additional Resource: The 2021 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the City Council at a public hearing on March 2, 2021. Click Here to see the Adopted Comprehensive Plan.

BVWNA Ltr ZC-21-056
Download PDF • 83KB
Huffines ZC.21.056 FINAL
Download PDF • 313KB
Download PDF • 2.44MB

Those who would like to speak during the May 12th hearing should register by 5:00pm, Monday, May 10th. Letters or comments and speaker request forms can be submitted via email to the FW Zoning Commission at

RECAP: Earlier this year, Huffines Communities withdrew their zoning change (ZC20-086) after strong opposition from the BVWNA and residents of the Bentley Village-Waterchase neighborhood. In March, Huffines notified BVWNA they plan to proceed with a development that would not require a zoning change, i.e., 288 apartments units. The Huffines' proposed development plan for apartments would not require a zoning change because the majority of the property in question is currently zoned multi-family and the part zoned as commercial could be used for a parking lot. The current zoning means that any developer who purchases the land would be able to build apartments or any multi-family housing without requesting a zoning change from the City Planning department.

Per the unanimous vote of our members, BVWNA has been vocal with the developer and our City Councilmember that we are very opposed to apartments and the negative impact such housing would have on our community. The developer, on behalf of the current owners , has submitted a request to re-zone all of the property as "PD = Planned Development" to allow condos/townhomes and to exclude the building of apartments by any developer. Since the zoning hearing will not determine whether or not development would happen, BVWNA members voted to support the zoning change to PD to prevent the building of apartments on this land by any developer.

BVWNA continues to monitor the situation and is in regular communication with city representatives, adjacent neighborhoods, BVWNA membership, BV Architectural Committee, and our residents. Please keep an eye on this post for updates.



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