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Information Session with City Staff regarding ZC-21-056

From City Council Member Gyna Bivens:

You are invited to an Information Session with City Staff regarding ZC-21-056 in 9000 block of John T. White Road

This coming Saturday, June 12 Beginning promptly at 10am Handley-Meadowbrook Community Center, 6201 Beaty St. Summary of Zoning Case: From: “C” Medium Density Multifamily and “F” General Commercial To: “PD-C” Planned Development for all uses in “C” Medium Density Residential plus detached multifamily with development regulation standards for open space and Multi-Family Development submittal; site plan included Land Use Compatibility: Requested change is compatible. The majority of the site is already zoned C Medium Density Multifamily, the applicant is proposing detached multifamily development. Motion to deny with prejudice carried by a vote of 6-3. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE FOR PUBLIC HEARING - City Council will hear this case on Tuesday, June 15 at 3pm.



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