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What is an ACC?
A committee that checks that building or exterior improvement plans comply with the neighborhood deed restrictions.  Bentley Village Additions and Waterchase Estates have two separate and different deed restrictions and have separate Architectural Construction Committees.


The ACC is separate from the neighborhood association, but has asked that we include contact information for your convenience.
When should I contact my ACC?
Anytime you plan exterior renovations or improvements, including fences, outbuildings, etc.
Why is the ACC important?
One of the things we all love about our neighborhood is the sense of harmony, and yet variety, of the homes and property. In order to keep that, the ACC checks that plans comply with certain basic requirements for construction. It benefits us all to keep the Bentley Village and Waterchase neighborhoods looking their best!
Bentley Village ACC Members
Bill Buehler, Chair



Waterchase Estates ACC Members

______________, Chair

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