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This Post has been closed. Zoning Change Request ZC20-086 has been withdrawn and no further action will be taken under this request. Monitoring and updates on the development of the land at the end of Claycourt Circle will be included in a future post "Proposed Development East of Bentley Village-Waterchase Estates neighborhood"

What we know at this time (March 22nd):

Huffines plans to purchase the property from Canadian estate and well as the church.

The zoning request will be for a Planned Development -C (multi-family)

If the request is approved, the plans submitted to the city will serve as the guide for the development. That will include a restriction on building apartments as the approval will be only for a certain number of townhomes (90-100). The development will be gated and have a mandatory HOA. Urban Forestry will be included as well.

The plans for the Planned Development will be submitted to Fort Worth on April 5. The commission will hear the request on April 14. (The zoning request will be assigned a new ZC21-xxx number.) Between April 5 and April 14 residents need to call, email or request to speak in favor of the development.

Failure to approve the request will result in apartment construction that requires no zoning change.


ZC20-086: Update as of March 9

Correction: "At the March 4th meeting:" the number of apartment units and the number of townhomes was corrected and is in bold.


The Huffines Group has been meeting with BVW residents to discuss a proposed development east of the neighborhood.

•The initial request was for the residents to support a zoning change ZC20-086 for a part of the land currently zoned as commercial that Huffines Group planned to purchase and develop a townhome community.

•A major concern for all the residents was that apartments would be built instead of townhomes. In response to that concern, Huffines Group withdrew the initial rezoning request for "multi-family" in hopes of requesting R2 zoning that would help eliminate the concern about apartments.

At the March 4th meeting:

•At the BVWNA annual meeting on Feb 27 and a subsequent meeting with residents on March 4th, Huffines Group informed attendees that the time and uncertainty to get the R2 zoning has caused them to rethink their approach. They plan to take action much sooner to capitalize on the current housing demand.

•Huffines Group informed attendees that they will now build apartments with approximately 233 units. The small parcel of land could be used as a parking lot and no change in zoning would be required. However.....

•If the community supports the rezoning of the property, they will build townhomes. Their preference is to build approximately 90-100 townhomes in a gated community, and rezoning of the small parcel of land as "multi-family" is necessary to do this.

•The reintroduction of the original rezoning request ZC20-086 is projected for April unless city staff tells us otherwise.

As of March 9:

•We are currently awaiting verification from the city that Huffines Group has resubmitted the zoning request change ZC20-086 for the April Zoning Commission meeting.

•BVWNA has submitted a few questions from the residents to the city and we are currently waiting for the city's response. Questions include:

  • Can an emergency entry/exit at the end of Claycourt be locked & restricted to through traffic?

  • What can be required of the builder (tree mitigation, sidewalks, sewer, traffic study, etc.)?

  • What type of agreement would residents need with the builder to ensure quality townhomes rather than apartments are built if the residents agree to the zoning change?


Meeting Today Mar 4th at 6pm for Update

At the BVWNA general meeting on February 27th, the developer Huffines Communities announced they plan to proceed with the purchase and development of the property at 9000 John T White to 800 Claycourt Circle. Unless the small parcel of land is rezoned as originally requested, Huffines plans to use the small parcel of land as a parking lot for multi-family apartments.

Huffines did express willingness to build townhomes in a gated community as originally planned if the community will support the rezoning request.

A call has been scheduled for tonight at 6:00pm with residents and a representative from the city council to discuss our options, share information, and have a plan of action moving forward. You should receive an email with the Zoom call information; or send an email to to request a call invite via email.


Feb 24 Update on New Development

BVWNA was notified by the developer Huffines Communities that they plan to proceed with the purchase and development of the property at 9000 John T White to 800 Claycourt Circle. A brief update from the developer has been included on the agenda for the BVWNA 2021 General Meeting on Saturday, February 27th.

The invite to the meeting has been sent to all BVWNA members and residents signed up for non-member notifications. To receive the invite email, become a member or sign-up for non-member notifications.


Results of the Jan 13th Zoning Hearing

It was reported at the January 13th Zoning Hearing that the zoning application ZC20-086 has been withdrawn for consideration. No further information was provided. Please remember that the multi-family housing zoning is still in effect for the property. Any further information that may be received will be posted here.

You can see the recording of the 1/13 Zoning Hearing at:


Results of the Dec 9th Zoning Hearing

The Zoning Commission Hearing on ZC 20-086 was held Wednesday, December 9th. BVWNA encouraged residents to submit comments and BVWNA members voted to reject the zoning change as proposed. As a result, the Zoning Commission issued another 30-day continuance of (ZC)20-086.

You can see the recording of the 12/9 Zoning Hearing at:

BVWNA appreciates the residents submitting their comments and a special thank you to all the BVWNA members who voted on this matter.


BVWNA hosts Meeting with All Residents 12/3 at 6:30pm

On Thursday December 3rd at 6:30pm, BVWNA hosted a virtual meeting for Bentley Village-Waterchase Residents were able to hear from the developer ( and ask additional questions.

BVWNA is the neighborhood association registered with the city. The City communicates through registered HOA/Neighborhood associations regarding issues like this. BVWNA's comments and input in this process are heavily weighted when city officials consider matters such as this. BVWNA sent an email to all BVWNA members for a vote on this matter with a deadline of Sunday, December 6 at 6pm so that the BVWNA response can be submitted the morning of Monday, December 7th for the Zoning Commission's consideration.

Thank you for your support and participation in this important neighborhood issue. If you have not yet joined, Become a Member of the Bentley Village-Waterchase Neighborhood Association today. Your membership supports calls and meetings like this one.


11/30 Meeting Held for Zoning Change Request 20-086

All Residents are Invited to Attend Meeting With Developer Danny Scarth

Monday November 30 at 6:30pm via Zoom

On November 20, BVWNA invited all residents to a virtual meeting to hear from the developer on the property east of our neighborhood at the end of Claycourt Circle. Below are handouts from the meeting.

COFW Zoning Map
Download PDF • 389KB
Fort Worth Condos Zoning Change
Download PDF • 491KB
Download • 970KB
Zoning map satellite view 2
Download PDF • 769KB
Zoning map satellite view
Download PDF • 864KB
Zoning reference guide
Download PDF • 2.46MB


Message from BVWNA President - 11/05/2020

Hello BVWNA Friends,

I was contacted by Danny Scarth, former City of Fort Worth council member. He has been asked by the developer to meet with neighbors to explain current plans and collect input from the neighborhood. He is traveling this week but will reconnect with me next week to schedule an online meeting. Because he has just joined the project, he is requesting a continuance for the zoning meeting on November 11. That will give everyone time to learn more. I will let you know when the virtual meeting is scheduled.

Thanks for you patience in this matter. I feel we are finally seeing some progress.


Ann Salyer-Caldwell



ZC20-086 Staff Report
Download PDF • 1.08MB

RESULTS of 10/14 Hearing: The recommendation for a 30-day continuance of (ZC)20-086 was unanimously passed and the hearing was closed.  

Thank you to those residents who wrote to the Zoning Commission and our City Councilmember Gyna Bivens. All of the Commission members received copies of your emails and did read them.

BVWNA spoke with the developer with a request to meet. BVWNA will post updates to this topic as information becomes available.

UPDATE: 10/14/2020:

The Fort Worth Zoning Commission held the hearing today 10/14 regarding the request for Zone Change (ZC)20-086. There was a quick review of the material provided (see ZC20-086 Staff Report.pdf).

There was one speaker registered for the project:

Josh Steiger, Graham Associates Inc., the engineering firm working on this project.  The Commission had questions for Mr. Steiger. He replied that the multi-housing units would be condos for sale to individuals, but he did not know if sub-leasing of the condos would be allowed. Mr. Steiger also stated that the company had met with an individual of Bentley Village several months ago and did not receive any opposition; he did not have the name of that individual. Mr. Steiger had limited information since he was substituting for the person who is actually working on the project. There was one speaker registered in opposition to the project. but that speaker was a no-show.  The board received 9 letters/emails of opposition from residents of Bentley Village including the email from the BVWNA President.  Board Member Rafael McDonnel (representing our zoning district) did state his concerns about whether more multi-family housing was needed in this area, and the elimination of the F zoning in an area that has very little F zoning.  He recommended a thirty-day continuance to provide the developer time to gather more information to respond to the Commission's questions and to meet with BVWNA.   ===================================================

Original Post:

A zoning change request for adjacent property to Bentley Village-Waterchase has been submitted to the city. This request is to change the current zoning classification from C (medium density multifamily) and F (Gen'l Commercial) to C only.  The request proposal specifically states  "Condominium Multifamily Housing."  It would be a separate entity (i.e., not part of Bentley Village-Waterchase Estates neighborhood). The hearing before the Zoning Commission is scheduled for October 14th, 1:00pm.

The BVWNA Board is currently gathering additional information for BV-W residents. Information will be posted as soon as it is available. Please check back to this post for the latest updates.

This zoning case (ZC)20-086 is specific to the yellow area indicated on the right side of the neighborhood map below -- east of Bentley Village/Waterchase at the end of Claycourt Circle.

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