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Election Day is Saturday, May 6th

Important Dates:

Results of the May 6th Election:

City of Fort Worth Mayor - Mattie Parker

City Council District 5 - Gyna Bivens

Fort Worth ISD District 5 - Quinton Phillips

Tarrant Regional Water District - C.B. Team & Paxton Motheral

Thank You To All Who Voted!


Election Day is Saturday May 6, 2023

7am to 7pm

Voters can use any Tarrant County polling site

with approved identification

Mayoral Candidates on the Ballot:

Ken Bowens Jr.

Alyson Kennedy

Jennifer Castillo

Mattie Parker

Adrian Devine Smith

City Council District 5 Candidates on the Ballot:

Gyna Bivens

Bob Willoughby

McKinley Jackson

Fort Worth ISD District 3 Candidates on the Ballot:

Quinton Phillips

Mar’Tayshia James

Valeria Nevarez

Tarrant Regional Water District

Paxton Motheral

Chad Moore

Joe Ashton

Charles “C.B.” Team (I)

***** BVWNA does not endorse any candidate *****


Tarrant County Elections:

Fort Worth City Elections:

Fort Worth ISD Elections:

Tarrant Regional Water Board Elections:

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