Short-Term Rentals in Fort Worth

As of August 17, 2022

See the Fort Worth City Council August 16th Worksession that included "Update on Short-Term Rental Data Mining, Registration and Zoning Options" The discussion on short-term rentals begins at 02:54:30 in the video.

As of July 12, 2022

The City has proposed a new ordinance for short-term rentals in Fort Worth. The City has created a website at to provide background information and proposed changes to the current ordinances.

There are four zoning proposals for STRs: Option 1 is to continue the present zoning prohibiting STRs in residential neighborhoods. Options 2-4 are various ways of opening residential neighborhoods to short-term rentals. Emails can be sent to - the email address used by the City to receive public comment for this survey.

Your email address should reflect which option you support and/or comments or questions. Including your name and address will help City Council members identify constituents.

Please Note on the City's STR website, two Engagement Opportunities will be held for citizens to attend in person, view on the City's Municipal channel, or stream on YouTube.

  • The first Engagement Opportunity is July 26th where the City will make an an informative presentation and allow citizens to speak on the matter.

  • The second Engagement Opportunity is July 28th where a panel from the City will answer questions on how the city will address short-term rentals. Participants will be able to submit questions in a variety of ways before and during the program.

Mark Your Calendar for these important events July 26th and July 28th at 6:00pm in City Council Chambers to learn more about this important issue! You can attend the meeting in person. You can also sign up to speak for two minutes. If you are not able attend, you can watch the event live on your cable municipal channel, via streaming from the Fort Worth website, or stream from YouTube. See channel, website, and/or YouTube links at:

"East Fort Worth neighborhood coalition rallies against short-term rentals"

You can read the latest article from the <<-- Click on this link or the link at the bottom of this blog post.

There is a lot of discussion across North Texas about Short Term Rentals like Airbnb and VRBO.

The new business model of short-term rentals has become very popular in cities where there is an entertainment or sports venue. There are many students who choose short-term rentals a semester at a time instead of renting an apartment for a year. And many people in different industries like the advantages of short term rentals, such as airline flight crews. And this new type of business is proving to be beneficial for those who have a room or two to let.

It's great......until it isn't. The problem for residents and the city government is how to manage these types of business. Are there safety and security requirements that should be met? Should the city collect tax revenues from short term rentals? What if the property owner is an absentee-owner who may not be aware of the impact on the surrounding neighborhood? Who will monitor and ensure compliance of short-term rentals if there is a problem? Do residents have a recourse if there is a problem with a short-term rental in the neighborhood?

At the time of this post, short-term rentals (rental less than 30 days) are not permitted in the City of Fort Worth. Some cities, like Arlington, have allowed short-term rentals in its entertainment district. Dallas, Denton, and other cities across the state are dealing with how to address this issue.

Many of the neighborhood associations in Fort Worth are having discussions about the pros and cons of short-term rentals. Below are just a couple of articles you can find on the internet.

"East Fort Worth neighborhood coalition rallies against short-term rentals, sends recommendations to Fort Worth City Council", Emily Wolf, 4/4/2022

"Airbnb hosts hope they can eliminate Fort Worth’s reservations about short-term rentals", Emily Wolf, 3/7/2022

"Dallas homeowners raise concerns about short-term rentals in neighborhoods and want the city to act"

KERA, Alejandra Martinez, 2/21/2022

"Arlington Ban On Short-Term Rentals Stands After Recent Court Ruling"

DFW CBS Local, Caroline Vandergriff, 7/23/2021

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