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Proposed Car Wash on J.T.White

Corner of John T. White & Randol Mill

BVWNA members answered the poll to oppose a car wash on that corner. We sent an email to the developer that the neighborhood would not be supporting a car wash. The developer has not responded. No permits have been requested for the property.

As of 10/30/2023

A real estate broker reached out regarding a national car wash group that is interested in adding a location at the northeast corner of John T White and Eastchase Pkwy/Randol Mill (8661 John T. White). The broker is interested in knowing if the neighborhood association would be supportive.

The lot is zoned as commercial, so there will be no request for re-zoning. In order to build a car wash, the developer would have to request a special permit from the City.

BVWNA has not been provided information at this time on the potential impact on residential properties that are adjacent to the corner property in question.

See the end of this post for a listing of existing car washes within a 5 mile radius of the neighborhood.

This information has been posted to the BVWNA private Facebook group. Only residents can read and post comments on this private group page. Or you are welcome to leave comments below. BVWNA would appreciate comments and input from the neighborhood.

BVWNA Car Wash Poll Sent to All Current Members via Email

Poll Closes at 4pm on Wednesday November 1.

Email if you did not receive survey request.

Google Maps Listing of car wash services within 5 mile radius of BV-W neighborhood:

Caliber Car Wash, 1800 Eastchase Pkwy, 7am - 8pm, 7 days (1.0 mile)

Nathan's Car Wash - Self Serv, 2007 W Sanford St, 24/7 (2.1 miles)

Carmel Car Wash, 1401 N. Cooper St, 7:30am - 8pm (3.0 miles)

Car Wash - Self Serv, E Loop 820, 24/7 (3.2 miles)

Car Wash - Self Serv, 6715 Bridge Street, 24/7 (3.3 miles)

My Detail Guys, 6925 E. Lancaster, 7am - 5pm, Mon-Sat (3.6 miles)

Car Wash - Self Serv, 3095 Raider Drive, 24/7 (3.9 miles)

Car Wash - Self Serv, 7301 Airport Frwy, 24/7 (4.1 miles)

Apollo Car Wash - Self Serv, 7345 Baker Blvd, 24/7 (4.4 miles)

Magic Car Wash, 5524 E. Lancaster, 7am - 5pm, 7 days (4.6 miles)

All American Car Wash - Self Serv, 5500 E Lancaster, 24/7 (4.6 miles)

Meadowbrook Car Wash Self Serv, 5143 Brentwood Stair, 24/7 (4.6 miles)

Good Girls Car Wash - Self Serv, 5508 Dallas Ave, 24/7 (4.6 miles)

Super Star Car Wash, 12272 Trinity Blvd, 7am - 8pm, 7 days (5.0 miles)



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