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Open Positions

Due to term limits and resignations the BVWNA Board needs to fill several positions beginning November 1 2022 through October 2023.

If you or another resident you know has the skills and abilities for one of these positions, please submit a nomination to The upside is the outgoing Board members are not leaving the neighborhood. They all agree to continue to volunteer and support new officers!

Not ready to commit as a Board member or Chair person, please send an email to to volunteer your knowledge, skills and abilities.

The more residents involved will lead to a better, stronger and more responsive Bentley Village-Waterchase Neighborhood Association!

BVWNA Needs You!

BVWNA Board & Committee Chair Positions:

A. President (***Open Position***)

The President provides leadership to the Association in carrying out its purpose for the members and residents. The President represents the Association at public and city meetings and events. The incumbent CAPT(r) Ann Salyer-Caldwell has served in this position since Oct 2019. She will be moving into the Past-President position effective November 1st.

B. Vice-President (***Open Position***)

In the absence of the President, the Vice-President assumes the duties and responsibilities of the President. The Vice-President has the primary responsibility for scheduling and planning of social activities and events, such as the bi-annual litter clean-up, neighborhood gatherings, annual meetings, and dutch-treat dinners. The incumbent Gloria Mapston has served since Oct 2019. Because of other commitments, she will leave her position as Vice-President while supporting BVWNA as a volunteer.

C. Treasurer

The Treasurer is the money manager for the Association who maintains the books, makes reports, and provides an annual audit. The members' dues can only be spent with the approval of the Board, and the Treasurer can only disburse the funds with Board approval and appropriate signatures. The incumbent Courtney Garner-Lewis has served in this position since Dec 2020. She has agreed to serve another year.

D. Secretary

The Secretary is key in keeping the Association on track and providing historical information on decisions and activities of BVWNA. The Secretary takes the minutes at all Board meetings and provides the minutes The incumbent Robin Sommerfeld has served in this position since Oct 2019. She has agreed to serve another year.

E. Membership Recruiter (***Open Position***)

The Membership Recruiter position is currently vacant. The person in this position leads the effort to get feedback from current members and all neighborhood residents. This position is critical to encourage more residents to be involved in our association as members and active volunteers.

F. Communications (***Open Position***)

The Communications position runs the technology for BVWNA messaging through the website, email service, and social media (Nextdoor). This position also uses neighborhood signs to help let everyone know about important issues and upcoming events. The incumbent Carolyn Meier has served in this position since Oct 2019. Volunteers will help explore new ways to use technology to communicate better with all residents.

G. At-Large Members

The two At-Large Members are the new Board positions added for the 2022 membership year. These positions have been very successful for the Board in providing general support to BVWNA where needed, giving valuable advice and input, and allowing more residents to serve our neighborhood association. The incumbents are John Fletcher and Venessa Carpenter who have served since November 2021.

H. Immediate Past President

The Past President is a voting board member who serves as an advisor to the current Board. The Past President presides over meetings in the absence of both the President and Vice President. The incumbent Bill Buehler has served as Past President since Aug 2020 and will turn over this position to CAPT(r) Ann Salyer-Caldwell on November 1st.

The following Committee Chair positions are filled by the BVWNA Board.

Median & Monument Committee - This committee keeps our outward-facing areas looking good. The neat and tidy appearance sets the tone for our quality neighborhood for both residents and visitors. Chuck Lowry has served as the Chair of this committee since 2020.

Yard of the Month Committee - This committee recognizes BVWNA members who have maintained the attractive curb appeal of their homes through lawn care and gardening. The committee works with Calloways to provide $25 gift cards to selected yards. Mary Palomares has served as Chair of this committee since 2022.

Comfort Team Committee (***Open Position***) - This position has been vacant for several years, and the Board believes this is an important position to promote a sense of community. This committee helps to identify residents who may need the neighborhood & BVWNA to support and help them through a difficult time, such as a death or disaster.

It's important to fill these positions to keep our thriving Neighborhood Association going, so please, email with suggestions, or volunteer for a position.



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