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Installation of New Waters Meters Has Begun

Fort Worth MyH20 Program <<<**** Click here to see the City's website on the new water meter program "MyH20" and for residental water conservation.

The City of Fort Worth announced in 2018 the installation of new technology - wireless networks with digital-read-meters. This new technology would improve the metering of water usage, provide customers with easy to access data about individual water usage, and support all of our efforts to conserve water. Yes, we can expect an increase in our water bills since the old meters were not accurately capturing water usage. With the new digial system, we can track water usage as its being used and easily identify slow and small water leaks. Bentley Village/Waterchase Estates was included in Cycle 3 of the schedule.

Last week, the installation of the new waters meters began in our neighborhood. The first step was to modify the heavy metal water meter covers with a hole where the digital water meter transmitter will be installed. You can easily recognize these City workers by their yellow vests and city marked truck. There is no water interruption for this process.

The City will notify residents before the installation of the actual digital water meter. The water supply to the house will be off for approximately 30 minutes while the new meter is installed.

So keep an eye on your water meter cover, on the MyH20 Website and this web post for updates.



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