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Homeless in the Area

This is a reminder that residents should report homeless people who appear to set up camp in vacant lands surrounding Bentley Village-Waterchase Estates.

Report Homeless Camps via:

Phone: 817-392-1234


UpDate as of 10/09/2023

The street addresses for the two vacant lots that backup to Bentley Village homes are:

8661 John T. White and 8689 John T. White. You may be requested to provide the address of the location when reporting homeless camps to the City.

We saw a significant increase of the homeless as construction began on the hotel south of Lowes. That construction has caused homeless individuals to move their camps into areas around our neighborhood. BVWNA has notified our City Council Representative, Fort Worth Code Compliance, and Fort Worth Police Department. While they have been responsive in getting the homeless out of the area, other homeless individuals come in and take their place.

BVWNA has initiated contact with several homeless organizations to enlist their assistance in helping these homeless individuals find resources and support needed to get off the streets. Trained volunteers from these organizations and agencies go into homeless camps to talk directly with individuals and connect them with the right resources. And you can contact these organizations to volunteer in some capacity and/or donate to their efforts!

Tarrant County Homeless Coalition

Find more information about resources for the homeless and how you can help by checking out the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition at

Hands of Hope Resources

Panhandler Assistance: If you see someone holding a sign asking for money or assistance, text a photo along with the location, day and time of day to Hands of Hope at 817-298-2779, their outreach team will attempt to meet and offer assistance to the individual.

Hands of Hope is thankful for each and every one of it's partnered organizations who assist by providing necessary resources required to help the homeless in and around our community. For more information about the agencies, you can go to the Hands of Hope Resources web page at

Remember: Do Not Give Money to Panhandlers!

Not all Panhandlers are Homeless!

As of September 11, 2023, the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition has informed BVWNA that the shelters are filled to capacity due to the significant number of unhoused people.

Please consider donating or volunteering at local homeless shelters and food banks to help those who are seeking support through this hard time.



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