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City's Aging Waste Water Lines

In this post, we cover specifically Waste Water Lines. These lines carry the sewage and waste water away from your home.

Recently, one of our neighbors noticed that their sinks, tubs and toilets were not draining. Tree roots were clogging the waste water pipes. Not the pipes in the home or the owner's property, but the pipes under the street that belong to the City's wastewater and sewer system. Around 1975, PVC/plastic sewer pipes became mainstream in house plumbing because PVC is much less expensive than clay tile pipe, lighter-weight, and easier to install. However, under the street, beyond your residential property, the City used clay tile pipe to carry waste water away from your home. Parts of the neighborhood are over 40 years old, and the clay tile waste water lines are aging. As the clay pipes age, and as our soil shifts, the waste water seeps from joints and cracks, and tree roots grow into that waste water system. Some trees can grow roots hundreds of yards to reach water and the nutrients found in wastewater. This has become a severe problem for many cities as the clay tile pipes become clogged with tree roots. The solution is to remove the tree roots from the pipes, and insert a sleeve inside the clay tile pipe to stop water from leaking. It is an expensive and time-consuming project for the City and for homeowners who are not able to use their drains and toilets.

What does this mean for Bentley Village & Waterchase Estates?

BVWNA can help organize and advocate for the neighborhood as a whole. With a strong membership, we can take the list of concerned residents to the City to repair our clay tile waste water lines. The demand for clay tile repair of the City's waste water lines is great, and it could take a couple of years for the City to get to the Bentley Village-Waterchase Estates neighborhoods. That is why BVWNA believes this is a topic we must move on quickly and get our neighborhood on the City's schedule. So please keep an eye on this post. We will be bringing you more information as we work with you, our City representatives, and elected officials.



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