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Changes to Yard of the Month

Calloway's Nursery is the sponsor of BVWNA's Yard of the Month. This has been a popular program that recognizes BVWNA members who work hard to keep their landscape looking nice and contribute to curb appeal for the whole neighborhood.

BVWNA will now award Yard of the Month four times a year.

Spring (May)

Summer (August)

Fall (October)

Holiday Decorations (December)

Mary Palomares, Chair of the BVWNA Yard of the Month Committee, has reached out to other local businesses for their support of our YOM recognition. She received a one time donation from Home Depot of various yard and landscape ornaments so that BVWNA could recognize more than one member. However, we do not know if this will be extended into the new year. Thank you Mary for making sure our neighbors' hard work is recognized and admired.

Only current members can be considered for Yard of the Month and receive the $25 gift credit and/or other gifts.

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