Don't call 9-1-1 about illegal 392-4444

Call FWFD at 392-4444 to report illegal fireworks.

or submit an online report.

Around this time of year, our Fort Worth 9-1-1 operators are inundated with calls from citizens reporting fireworks. This causes an undue burden on the 9-1-1 system and can hinder true emergency calls from getting through.

Fort Worth Fire Department has a number to receive all reports from citizens about hearing or seeing illegal fireworks -- 817-392-4444.

This special number is manned by FWFD volunteers who carefully record each call and gather relevant information. Please be patient because it is not unusual for many calls to come into this number especially before during and after July 4th.

You can rest assured that you are not overloading the 9-1-1 system; and you are helping the FWFD use resources wisely to respond to emergencies and to work with FW Police Department to identify violators.

The sale, discharge or possession of fireworks in Fort Worth is Illegal! Selling, discharging or possessing fireworks is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2,000. Any fireworks that are discovered may be confiscated and destroyed.

=>>> Volunteer with the Fort Worth Fire Department's "Community Risk Reduction Volunteer Program" or the "Red Helmets," see the Fort Wort FD page at:

To Report Illegal Fireworks:

Call 817-392-4444 or Report Online

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