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Available Help for Landlords & Renters

It was reported on November 3rd this program will be discontinued because the State has exhausted all funds.


Tarrant County and the City of Fort worth still have plenty of resources to help both Landlords and Renters with non-payment of rent.....even if eviction proceedings have already started!

This website is specifically for Tarrant County, Fort Worth and Arlington residents who are having difficulty paying rent or utilities. You can apply online or call the number provided.

The City of Fort Worth has dedicated staff to this effort to make sure everyone who applies receive timely assistance. This is for landlords who have not received rental payments for property in Tarrant County and for Fort Worth residents who do not have the resources to pay rent at this time.

  • Both landlords and renters should apply.

  • Renters or landlords can apply even if eviction proceedings are underway.

  • Renters or their families Do Not have to have COVID or been infected to apply.

  • Renters can apply even if they have not yet missed a rental payment.

This is really important as Tarrant County and Fort Worth work to get everyone back to work and the economy is working again!

Even if you think you might miss a rental or utility payment, please apply today!



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