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A New Year for BVWNA

BVWNA's Annual General Meeting for Fiscal Year 2022

BVWNA held its Annual General Meeting for FY 2022 at the Texas Golf Center! For many of us, it was our first time there -- and hopefully not our last! Texas Golf Center has an agreement with the popular restaurant Cartel Tacos to provide taco dinners on designated nights. The tacos were a hit at the meeting, and we left very few left-overs! Members can access the Photo Album on the Members-Only page.

Membership: Thank you to our new and renewing members! BVWNA is now up to 50 members. Our goal is to exceed the number of last year's membership at 65. So if you haven't joined or renewed your dues, now is the time so that your neighborhood association can carry out more fun activities and support the volunteers who work to keep our neighborhood safe and attractive.

Guest Speakers: It was our honor to have the Mayor Pro Tem & Councilmember for our City District 5, Gyna Bivens, to join us at the meeting. She shared how the new Mayor and City Council are coming together to better serve Fort Worth, the renewed interest in East Fort Worth, and her commitment to our neighborhood. She also spoke about the importance of the city's redistricting & how citizens can try their hand at redistricting via the city's software application (Fort Worth Redistricting). And she shared about the upcoming city bond issues and how citizens can use the interactive map to provide comments on the current project proposals and/or recommend other project proposals for consideration (Fort Worth 2022 Bond Proposal). Gyna also was able to answer questions and get feedback from our neighbors about the development and zoning surrounding our neighborhood including the preservation of our wooded areas. Gyna shared the importance of using Fort Worth's 1-2-3-4 system to report all non-emergency issues to FW Call Center at 817-392-1234, via the MyFW app, or email

Officer Travis Ward, our Neighborhood Patrol Officer, joined us and provided a positive report on crime in our police district H16 with almost no crime beyond a recent car break-in. He provided useful information on the topics of the homeless people in the area, gunfire, and the use of cameras sponsored by homeowner and neighborhood associations to help reduce crime. Officer Travis works in close coordination with other assigned neighborhood patrol officers to address issues of safety and security, including Officer Martinez who has been assigned as the Homeless Liaison Officer.

BVWNA Business: The current membership voted and passed the proposed budget for FY2022 based on a minimum of 65 member households. A recommendation was made to explore the possibility of increasing dues next year to cover the cost of maintaining the outward facing part of our neighborhood along John T White (beyond just mowing). This and other similar recommendations will be decided on by the membership.

The 2022 Board Members were elected by members with the addition of new Board members: Byron Williams, Board Member for Recruitment, and Venessa Carpenter and John Fletcher as the two new At-Large Board Members. The energy is still high and the BVWNA Board is re-energized for a great 2022!

Thank you to Renee Cottrell-Brown for serving on the Board and for your leadership to promote Membership & Recruitment. You have been a tremendous asset to our neighborhood. We look forward to working with you as an on-going member of BVWNA!

Because of your membership:

  • BVWNA is one of the most successful volunteer neighborhood associations in East Fort Worth

  • Through BVWNA, our neighborhood is represented and heard by city officials

  • BVWNA is getting stronger at advocating for our neighborhood



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