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Neighbors Staying Well & Having Fun

The Bentley Village-Waterchase Estates have not let the Stay-At-Home restrictions keep them from having fun. More than ever, our neighbors are out walking, biking and exercising while maintaining social distance. Scroll down to see pictures of sidewalk chalk art, scavenger hunt items, and the new Free Little Library.

You may have seen some of the sidewalk art from the chalk artists in our neighborhood that express thanks to others and share positive messages. Please Share Pictures of Your Sidewalk Art with and we will post here to our gallery!

We've seen a few Scavenge Hunters out there! If you weren't in on the game, you may have wondered what was going on! If you have a yard feature to add to the Scavenger Hunt List, send the photo to and we will include here for our BVW Hunters!

If you are looking for an excuse to go for a walk, check out the newly installed Free Little Library for a good read - take a book, leave a book. Ask a Scavenge Hunter where you can find this jewel in Bentley Village!

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