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STORMS: City Pickup of Yard Debris

From our City of Fort Worth Community Engagement Officer, Catherine Huckaby:

As a result of Tuesday evening’s swift-moving storm - and the potential of higher-than-normal volume of debris needing collected - the city is reminding residents to follow a few simple guidelines for more efficient and effective collections. Code Compliance staff members have been assisting other City departments focus on clearing right of ways and assessing the extent of the increase in volume and possibility of schedule changes. Until the depth of the needed response has been finalized, all residents can benefit from following these simple guidelines to help the contractors stay on schedule for collections: • Remember the City’s Citizen Drop Off Stations are equipped to handle residential rate paying customer’s tree trimming, fence panels and other debris if you can transport it there and show a current driver’s license matching your residential property. • Weekly Yard Trimming collections can include “manageable piles” up to: • 10 cubic yards (size of a VW Bug!) of bundled & twine wrapped brush no more than 4 feet long and 40 pounds and/or stacked tree limbs less than 8 feet long and 4 inches in diameter, and • an unlimited number of Kraft paper bags for grass, leaves and twigs. • Residents are not allowed to mix bulk waste material with tree trimmings and brush, since we recycle all clean tree, brush and yard trimmings as compost. • All materials should be placed at the curb (or your standard assigned collection point) prior to 7 a.m. Monday of your assigned week and left until the material has been collected in case the crews are delayed. • Tree limbs that are greater than 4 inches in diameter or longer than 8 feet are considered bulk waste collection (not weekly Yard Trimmings) and must be separated from Bulk waste materials. • To help insure collections of storm materials it’s best to report your needs to the City’s Customer Care Call Center so a work order can be generated. For additional questions, notify the City’s Call Center at 817-392-1234 or review the updated information found on the City of Fort Worth Website at

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