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ACC: Deed Restrictions for Bentley Village

Did you know there are legacy deed restrictions in the Bentley Village neighborhood? These apply to a variety of things including usage of property, improvements, and new construction.



1. All homes within BV are single family homes.

2. All construction must be completed within 8 months.

3. All construction must have a proper connection to city sewage.

4. No livestock, including poultry, except for household pets.

5. No billboards or advertising allowed.

6. No engaging in a trade or business from the home, or create an annoyance or nuisance to neighbors.

7. No outside drying of clothes.

8. All grass and weeds must be mowed in accordance with city ordinances.

9. All trash must be collected and disposed of according to city ordinances.


1. Lots may not be re-platted and subdivided to create more lots.

2. No structure shall exceed 2 stories in height, except by approval of the Architectural Committee.

3. All alterations or construction must comply with City of Fort Worth ordinances and regulations.

4. The main dwelling of any residence must have a living area of not less than 2250 sq. feet, provided however that no 1-1/2 story, 2 story, or split-level home has less than 1250 sq. feet of living area on the ground floor.

5. Exterior walls of the structure must be a minimum of 75% masonry, stone or brick construction on the first floor unless a variance is obtained from the Architectural Committee.

6. Roof other than wood shingles requires approval by the Architectural Committee.

7. Boundary fences shall be of masonry construction, hedge, or substantially constructed wood fences no more than 6 feet in height. No fence shall be erected or maintained on any lot or plat nearer to the front street than the front wall of the residence, and on all corner lots, not nearer the side street than the building shown on the land plat.

8. All residences will face the front line of the lot and will not protrude forward front of building lines as set forth on the dedicated plat. Side and rear facing buildings will meet the requirements of the City of Fort Worth and are subject to the approval of the Architectural Committee.

9. New structures only shall be permitted in the neighborhood. No structures may be moved into the addition.

10. No outbuilding, shop, or trailer of a temporary nature is permitted. No building material of any kind may be placed or stored on the property until the owner is ready to commence improvements.

11. Garage or carports for dwellings will be located at the side or the rear elevation of dwellings. Exceptions to this require the approval of the Architectural Committee. Applications must be made in writing and approval granted prior to the commencement of construction.


1. No structure shall be erected, placed or altered on property until the plans have been approved by the Architectural Committee, and materials and workmanship, harmony of design with existing structures, and location with respect to topography has been approved. A full set of plans will be left with the Architectural Committee while construction is underway.

2. The committee's approval is required in writing. Should the Committee not approve or disapprove within 30 days, approval will not be required and the convenants will be assumed to have been complied with.


Above restrictions as well as the following:


1. One boat may be regularly stored or parked in the rear yard, provided that the area is completely enclosed by a solid fence six feet in height meeting the further requirements of these deed restrictions.

Here are the full deed restrictions for Phase I and Phase II. We also have all of this information archived at the ACC page, here.

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