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Help Needed: BVWNA Treasurer

We have been extremely fortunate to have Lee Ellershaw's expertise as our outstanding Treasurer!  As much as we hate to let him go, BVWNA Bylaws require us to find a new Treasurer.

It will be an easy transition.  Lee has all the

records in order and will be around for guidance and assistance.  If you are interested in serving as the BVWNA Treasurer, please send your email to

Duties: The Treasurer shall have the responsibility for collection and disbursement of all funds of the Association. The Treasurer shall maintain the books in an orderly manner with receipts and transmit a satisfactory audit report at the close of each fiscal year. The Treasurer shall present a yearly budget first approved by the Board which is then presented to the Membership at a general membership meeting for approval by a majority of those members present at said meeting. The Treasurer will participate in the monthly Board meetings currently being held virtually.




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