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Neighborhood Leadership Meeting

Fort Worth Office of Community Engagement

October 30, 2020 10:00am-11:00am via Webex


Host: Catherine Huckaby, Office of Community Engagement, City of Fort Worth

Carolyn Meier attending virtually on behalf of BVWNA. 


Attachments and recap of this meeting was forwarded to attendees and are linked below.


The purpose of the meeting was to share the latest information from the Office of Community Engagement


1)            Cuts to Department/Hiring Freeze

Staff were reassigned; Brenda Pinner remains our neighborhood contact.   The weekly Community Engagement bulletin is issued each Thursday to registered HOAs/NAs.  You are encouraged to share the information (cut&Paste or use PDF attachment) but do not forward the email.   The Community Engagement works through the HOAs/NAs not individual residents except where noted in newsletters/messages/instructions.  [BVWNA NOTE:  the weekly Community Engagement Bulletins are now available to all residents on the BVWNA website.]


2)            Annual Update & Registration

All HOAs/NAs should be registered with the city and would like all board members listed. 

Each year HOAs/NAs should review and update any information the Neighborhood Registry.  Like many other city offices, Community Engagement does post information to Nextdoor; however, city offices can only see if residents post a response to the city’s post.   City offices are not able to see what is posted by residents or the neighborhood feed.


3)            General Meetings

HOAs/NAs should receive zoning notifications.   HOA/NAs must share the zoning notifications with membership.  Discussion about broadcast messages via text and phone (they recommend RoboDial – cheapest for auto phone calls.)   [BVWNA NOTE:  it appears the zoning change notifications are sent directly to the NA president. Updated Bylaws must be posted to City site.  Need to update backup for contact.]


4)            Leadership Training 11/12 and 12/10 at 10am or 6pm

Community Engagement plans on having a series of leadership sessions for those who are new to serving on a board or who would like a refresher course.  Topics to be determined each month.  If no one registers within 48 hours of the scheduled class, then the class is cancelled. 


5)            Community Engagement Workshops

These workshops are being scheduled each month and are open to all residents.  Topics include “Pros & Cons of Affordable Housing”, “Race & Culture”, “City Hall 101”, “Building Trust in Community”, “How May We Help You”, etc. 


6)            Street Sign Topper

City facilitates this service but can not offer any funding.  They can assist in developing the design and print ready copy for presentation to residents and submission to printer.  They provide a list of vendors.  Pricing varies due to complexity, colors, number of signs, installation, etc.  HOAs/NAs must get residents approval before purchasing and installing Street Sign Toppers.    

7)            New Staff

Tabitha Butler is the new Volunteer Program Coordinator with focus on “Worth Sharing” program.  If we have good news or inspiring project, please let Tabitha know.


8)            Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) Virtual Conference 2021 – May 19-22, 2021

Contact is Ruth Ashi.   Proposals for workshops must be submitted by November 12th.  Some workshops are live, some are pre-recorded.  Community Engagement will cover the $200 fee for one (1) person per HOA/NA to attend this virtual event.     HOA/NA can become an affiliate member of NUSA for free for two (2) years.  If HOA/NA does become affilitate member, this should be displayed on the HOA/NA website.


9)            Office of Police Oversight

Contact is Kim Neal.  Community Engagement helps to promote collaboration and will hosting collaboration meetings in January.  The goal of the meetings is to present recommendations to city council.    [BVWNA NOTE:  Email our Contact if BVWNA wants to participate in these meetings beginning in January. ]


10)          Direction Home

Contact Tara’s team.   Program for the newly housed to gather home basics, furniture, kitchen utensils, dishes, etc.  The program will run mid-November to Early December.  [BVWNA Note:  Contact Tara or Brenda if BVWNA wants to participation. ]


11)          Neighborhood Services

Deadline for developers to meet tax credit is Jan 18.  Covid funding expires Jan 2.

The office of Community Engagement provides translaters/translation services.  However, due to demand, advance notice is definitely requested. 






CEO Liaison Map.pdf

Street Sign Topper Program Flier.pdf

Neighborhood Services – COVID 19 CARES Act Information.pdf

CEO Virtual Leadership Meetings Recap.pdf

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